BTV 4.0 Beta Sign Up (Lifetime)

BTV 4.0 Beta Sign Up Includes:

Access to NFL, MLB, NBA & Soccer Streams

Access to WWE, NJPW & AEW PPV Events

Access to UFC PPV's and Events (Includes Fight Night Events)

Access to more Boxing PPV events (even lower tier events)

If you are already a Lifetime Member you will be able to add BTV 4.0 for a big discounted price ($59.99) compared to $189.99 for non Lifetime Members.

This is a exclusive service that will only be catered for lifetime members and won't be open for the public. We have plans to add personalised Netflix & Hulu & HBO accounts for each member as well.

BTV 4.0 will only Launch for Lifetime & Yearly members in July. To Purchase please use the form below.

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